Web-based training

screencastOur live, web-based training sessions use Skype or a similar internet platform to deliver real-time training to delegates in one or more locations. The audio content of the training is enhanced by screen-casts of the training materials, which may be slides or live software demonstrations.

Web-based training is a cost-effective option for training as it eliminates travel costs and travel time. It is best-suited for short sessions, typically of one or two hours’ duration.

Because the trainer is on-line the sessions are direct and responsive to the delegate’s requirements, enabling them to ask questions in the same way as in face to face training. This makes it very responsive to the delegate’s training needs.

Web-based training is also ideal for delivering training internationally. In the last year we have delivered software training to delegates in Australia and New Zealand, which would have been prohibitively expensive to deliver in any other way.

The best way to evaluate the potential of web-based training is to have a demonstration: why not contact us to arrange one?