Continuing Professional Development

guerrillafrontMany people in the construction industry, including architects, engineers, designers and energy assessors, have requirements for continuing professional development (CPD). They can meet those requirements through a mixture of face to face or on-line training.

Offering CPD sessions to professionals can be a win-win for construction product manufacturers, providing the professionals with part of their annual CPD requirement, and building stronger relationships with those with specification responsibility.

We can deliver CPD training on a wide range of topics, with a particular focus on Building Regulations, energy efficiency and building physics. Recently we have delivered  training to:

  • RIBA Eastern Region (2012);
  • RIBA Guerrilla Tactics (2013);
  • RIBA Northern Region (2014);
  • RIBA Guerilla Tactics Conference (2015).

We also prepare CPD materials for other people to deliver. Typically, these consist of PowerPoint slides and an outline script which are used by technical sales staff to deliver CPD sessions to architects’ practices and other small groups. We have prepared materials for insulation, roofing and membrane manufacturers.

Contact us to discuss how CPD could help your business.