Technical writing

Twenty years in construction have convinced me that good technical information (whether a product brochure, training manual or data sheet) can only enhance the experience of people using your products and services. The information make it easier to use products and services, and makes them more attractive to use. That’s why I set up writelines: to provide the highest quality technical information for the construction industry.

High quality technical information is vital for any product, whether a building component or a piece of software. The information assists decision-makers in the selection process and guides those using or installing the product.

Technical information takes many forms, and can include:

  • brochures
  • data sheets
  • text for web sites
  • case studies
  • calculation aids
  • specification clauses

writelines is dedicated to help you get the technical documentation your products and services need. How much help we give is up to you. You may only need someone to polish-up your text, or you may want the whole process of brochure production managed from start to finish: either way (and any point in between) we can work with you to produce accurate, attractive technical information.

In this section the web site we look at what makes for good technical documentation and how we go about producing it. We also have case studies highlighting examples of our work.