Guide to the Building Regulations


All new buildings, extensions and refurbishment work must comply with Building Regulations in order to protect the health and safety of building occupants. In recent years the regulations have become increasingly complex, making the process of demonstrating compliance more arduous.

This well-established guide provides the construction industry with concise, clear guidance on the essentials of the Building Regulations, setting out the key compliance requirements for producing safe, attractive buildings.

Fully updated and written to save time for hard-pressed users, the 3rd edition of Guide to the Building Regulations is the essential companion for architects, construction professionals and building control officers alike.

Changes to the 3rd edition include:

  • An optional higher standard of water efficiency for Requirement G2 (Water efficiency), which may be required as a planning condition.
  • A new fittings approach to water efficiency as an alternative to the Water Efficiency Calculator.
  • Amendment to guidance on solid waste storage in Part H (Drainage and waste disposal), which now requires consideration of local amenity when designing bin storage.
  • Division of Approved Document M into two volumes addressing dwellings and non-dwellings respectively.
  • Expansion of Requirement M4 (Access to and use of dwellings) to include three different accessibility categories for dwellings. Categories 2 and 3 are optional standards, which may be required as a planning condition.
  • The introduction of brand new Part Q (Security) with new provisions for domestic doors and windows in order to prevent unauthorised access.
  • Updating of references to standards and other documents.

Guide to the Building Regulations can be ordered from the RIBA Bookshop.

RIBA Publications have now launched a series of ebooks, one of which is  the Guide to the Building Regulations. Currently (2016 04 11) the book is available at a 20% discount from the RIBA bookshop.