Part L 2014

So it’s going to be April 2014 and it’s going to be 6% uplift for dwellings and 9% for non-dwellings, with nothing for work to existing buildings – or so they say. We still don’t know how the TER will work, although the fuel factor is staying, but we do know there will be a fabric energy efficiency measure. Other than that, well, we have to wait and see what the detail is.

But, until then, we have had the predictable responses.

There was some hope that the long delay in an announcement meant that the government had seen sense and realism had prevailed. Instead we seem to have ended up back where we started, with potentially serious consequences for capacity and supply within the house-building industry. — Brian Berry, Chief Executive, Federation of Master Builders


This delay is yet another example of the ‘greenest government ever’ dragging its feet when it comes to making any real or decisive changes towards improving the energy efficiency of the UK’s housing stock. Indeed, the whole timescale for achieving zero carbon is in danger of being derailed by government delays and setbacks. — John Sinfield, Managing Director, Knauf Insulation Northern Europe.

Perhaps there will come a day when someone representing the constructing side of the construction industry welcomes a change in the Building Regulations. Perhaps.