Northern Ireland Building Regulations 2012

Technical Booklet F1 2012

Technical Booklet F1 2012

So, the revision of the Building Regulations for England and Wales creeps on: we all sent in our comments on the proposals and we’re waiting to see what CLG have made of them. But in the meantime, if you want definite Building Regulations changes, you need to look to Northern Ireland, where they’re making wholesale changes to their regulations.

May be wholesale is over-the-top. It’s true they have completely changed the Regulations themselves (the rather endearing A1, A2 etc. have been replaced by a stern 1-99), but the substantive requirements of the Regulations – the what-you-have-to-do-to-comply – remain much the same for most parts. The re-working is part of the process of moving from prescriptive regulations to functional ones.

The Department for Finance and Personnel have compiled a Summary of the changes but, as ever, there’s no avoiding getting down into the Regulations and the Technical Booklets to really see what is going on. But for Part F – Conservation of fuel and power – we’ve prepared a short summary of the requirements for new buildings.


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