Goodbye to 2016

That’s not a goodbye to the year 2016, but goodbye to 2016 as the target year for zero carbon homes. The government’s newly published Productivity Plan makes that very clear:

The government will … repeat its successful target from the previous Parliament to reduce net regulation on housebuilders. The government does not intend to proceed with the zero carbon Allowable Solutions carbon offsetting scheme, or the proposed 2016 increase in on-site energy efficiency standards, but will keep energy efficiency standards under review, recognising that existing measures to increase energy efficiency of new buildings should be allowed time to become established

So that’s it. Code for Sustainable Homes: gone. Zero carbon homes: gone. Part L 2016: gone.

No doubt over the next few weeks there will be plenty of discussion about this, but for now we can just stare slack-jawed at the announcement for a few moments.